Tower Square

Lincoln Community Foundation

Tower Square

The $2.6 million urban park was designed by artist Jun Kaneko, a Japanese-born artist known internationally for large-scale ceramic pieces. The City of Lincoln selected Sinclair Hille Architects and their creative team to collaborate with Kaneko to implement his vision for the new public space.  Located on 13th and ‘P’ streets in downtown Lincoln, Tower Square is highlighted by the 57-foot-tall, multi-colored, internally illuminated glass tower named Ascent - created by Kaneko for the project. The park hosts a wide variety of public events including farmers markets, yoga sessions, tailgate parties, concerts and movies.  Between events the square serves as a location for informal gathering with flexible seating for up to 70 people and wireless Internet access.


The Concordia University Team has always worked through the design process with Sinclair Hille’s leadership and come away feeling like our project priorities were understood. Setting overall project goals in the initial design meeting with Sinclair Hille has proven to be a key to our success.

Dave Kumm

CFO, Concordia University