North Star & Southwest High Schools

Lincoln Public Schools

North Star & Southwest High Schools

Sinclair Hille Architects, in association with BVH Architects provided design work, plan and specification preparation, bidding documents, and construction for the North Star and Southwest High Schools. The scope of work for the new buildings included  the development of an overall campus plan and educational specifications. Campus planning included necessary utilities services, grading, parking areas, football and baseball / softball areas, site ingress and egress, circulation plan, and landscaping. The schools are designed for approximately 1,500 students with core facilities for 2,000. The schools are arranged for maximum flexibility to accommodate future enrollment changes as well as modifications in curriculum, instructional programs and community services.


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The Concordia University Team has always worked through the design process with Sinclair Hille‚Äôs leadership and come away feeling like our project priorities were understood. Setting overall project goals in the initial design meeting with Sinclair Hille has proven to be a key to our success.

Dave Kumm

CFO, Concordia University