Nonprofit Facilities

Nonprofit Facilities

We value our community . . . so we serve, volunteer, and practice where we live. We know the power of positive leadership and believe that giving back to the place where we Live, Work and Learn is essential for a strong, healthy, and vibrant community.

Community Involvement is core to our practice as we believe, through active engagement, we can better understand our community which ultimately allows us to be more effective citizens, problem solvers . . . architects.

As Lincoln business owners and residents, we have devoted ourselves to working side-by-side with community partners that are making a difference in our city. Since 1981, our success in serving these non-profit organizations has been based on the following attributes:

Be a good listener: non-profit organizations typically have a wide constituency even if their focus is specific.

Become actively involved in the organization: be more than a consultant, become an advocate for the organization.

Be a dedicated project partner: be willing to go the extra mile to help the project go forward.

Be economical and efficient: recognize the limits of financial capacity and inspire architectural ingenuity — maximizing benefit while minimizing costs.


The Concordia University Team has always worked through the design process with Sinclair Hille’s leadership and come away feeling like our project priorities were understood. Setting overall project goals in the initial design meeting with Sinclair Hille has proven to be a key to our success.

Dave Kumm

CFO, Concordia University