Olsson Office Expansion


Olsson Office Expansion

Olsson, a nationally recognized engineering and design firm, is expanding their geographic footprint in the West Haymarket. The growing company will add a new $19 million office building directly south of its current headquarters at 601 ‘P’ Street. The four-story, mixed-use facility will offer 67,000 square feet of office space and 5,800 square feet of retail space. Olsson, formerly known as Olsson Associates, was founded in Lincoln more than 60 years ago and has offices in seven other states. This new project embodies Olsson’s commitment to Lincoln and ensures space for their growth. Sinclair Hille Architects is proud to be the Architect for this new project continuing the momentum of development on Canopy Street and into the South Haymarket.


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I appreciate the ability of the Sinclair Hille Team to listen when designing a project for our campus. They have a great design process to engage faculty and staff to explore ideas, dream and then share their recommendations.

Dave Kumm

CFO, Concordia University