Lux & Scott Middle Schools

Lincoln Public Schools

Lux & Scott Middle Schools

Sinclair Hille, in association with BVH Architects, planned and designed the John E. Lux Middle School and the Hazel G. Scott Middle School. Each of the $11 million schools is located on 
a 22 to 26 acre site and can accommodate 800 students.

The two schools were the first new buildings in the Lincoln Public Schools District to be completely designed around the concept of middle level education. They are distinctively different from junior high schools in their organization and program. Designed to emphasize positive self-concepts for students, areas where “communities” or small groups can meet and interact are included in the program. Teaching is organized around teams, and spaces are arranged to facilitate interdisciplinary instruction and interaction. Team emphasis is applied to specialized spaces as well as to purely instructional areas.

Additions to both of the schools in 2007 included additional classrooms to meet the needs of the increased school population.


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The design team from Sinclair Hille were sensitive to the unique needs of our business model and incorporated our requests within the overall design of our branch facility, a facility that was built not only for the needs of the bank branch today, but, also, with flexibility for what future demands might be.  We are extremely happy with the end product and appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail of the team from Sinclair Hille Architects.

Ryne Seaman

The Cattle National Bank & Trust Co.