Nebraska State Education Association Office Building Renovation


Nebraska State Education Association Office Building Renovation

The Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA) enlisted the design team of Sinclair Hille Architects for the renovation of their existing building. The four story structure was originally built for NSEA in 1964, but had not undergone any significant improvements since 1985. The building is located immediately west of the Nebraska State Capitol, placing it within a locally-protected zoning area known as the Capitol Environs District.

Several areas of the building were renovated to meet both operational and aesthetic objectives. A complete asbestos abatement was performed and the mechanical, electrical, and telecommunications systems were rebuilt. To meet energy goals, a highly efficient geothermal system was installed under the parking lot immediately west of the building. Significant existing code compliance issues were also resolved during the $4 million renovation.

In addition to interior renovation, significant exterior improvements were also completed on the building. The original Post-War Modernism façade was composed of large pre-cast panels that dominated the exterior skin. Attached to the skin, adjacent each window opening, are small pre-cast fins that protrude out from the exterior face of the building. While these fins minimized solar heat gain, the narrow windows did not provide adequate natural light into the building and afforded only minimal views of the capitol building. While preserving the overall character of the facade, Sinclair Hille sensitively adapted a select number of window openings to increase daylight into the working environment and improve the views to the Capitol across the street.


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I enjoyed working with SHA on the Canopy Street Project.  It was a very complex project which required both large scale design thought as well as a focus on small details. Their professionalism impressed me as well as all of the other clients in the project from restaurants, to hotel operations through condo buyers, SHA continued to move the project forward and solve problems with all in mind.  As a licensed architect myself I really appreciated their willingness to partner with me and listen to my design ideas while improving the direction time and time again. Quite simply, Canopy Street would not have been nearly as successful without SHA’s talented staff.

Brett West