Sinclair Hille Architects


Environments for healthy living

We want to have a positive impact upon people in the most direct and personal way possible. Architecture designed to live in has the power to lift people and enhance their everyday experiences.


Places for productivity

We can enhance business outcomes by creating places built to maximize the potential of its greatest asset – people. We create environments for creative teams to achieve and succeed together. 


Spaces for social interaction & personal growth

Architecture can enrich the learning experience. Through design we are able to focus our understanding of the world to inspire a new generation to learn and grow.

Aug 4, 2020
With the need for adequate accommodations to facilitate larger year-round tour groups and programs, Sinclair Hille was asked to provide conceptual...
Feb 25, 2020
On Friday, February 21, Sinclair Hille Architects continued our twice-yearly tradition of offering high school students an architectural job shadow...
Feb 7, 2020
The Souper Bowl 2020 Competition Competition results are in, from left to right Word Scramble Winner - Nolan Schaefer - Prize: Scrambled Eggs...
Feb 3, 2020
The Friday Project Share for January 31, 2020 was a trip to the Certified Piedmontese Corporate Headquarters located at the 84th & Havelock...