Union Bank Office 27th & Pine Lake

Union Bank and Trust Company

Union Bank Office 27th & Pine Lake

Sinclair Hille Architects provided programming, design, and construction documentation for the Union Bank Office, located at 27th and Pine Lake Road. This three-story 28,000 s.f. freestanding bank facility provides banking services, loan processing offices, and a high-tech boardroom. The facility includes remote drive-through lanes with overhead canopy and parking provisions for both users and employees.

Elegance is conveyed throughout the facility from the exterior stone work to the walnut-trimmed interior finishes.

Landscaped areas located directly against the building serve both aesthetic and security purposes. On the south glass wall, a dense plant material discourages direct access to the fa├žade, while plantings on the east and west facades can be viewed by patrons visiting the interior of the building as well as vehicles utilizing the drive-through lanes.


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I appreciate the ability of the Sinclair Hille Team to listen when designing a project for our campus. They have a great design process to engage faculty and staff to explore ideas, dream and then share their recommendations.

Dave Kumm

CFO, Concordia University