Irving Middle School

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Irving Middle School

The 1994 Irving Middle School Expansion project involved an evaluation of existing conditions and projected needs in light of curriculum requirements, the aging of the facility, and increased enrollments. The departments most affected by the renovation / addition project included the Media Center, Science Labs, Instrumental Music, Home Economics, and Administration / Guidance. One of the project’s key concerns was to remain sensitive to the existing 1926 school building and yet provide an up-to-date learning environment. Our specific charge was to plan an adaptable school that would evolve with the changing needs of education. Another challenge was organizing and executing a multi-phased project which would allow a school of  1,000 students to safely remain in operation during construction. Sinclair Hille Architects took the lead in developing a plan for the housing of students and transitional uses of areas during the various project phases. 

The 2014 Phase 1 Bond Projects brought Sinclair Hille back to Irving. This project involved a $17 million renovation that included a new geothermal heating / cooling system, renovation of the auditorium, conversion of boiler room to additional classroom space, new entry and technology upgrades.


The Concordia University Team has always worked through the design process with Sinclair Hille’s leadership and come away feeling like our project priorities were understood. Setting overall project goals in the initial design meeting with Sinclair Hille has proven to be a key to our success.

Dave Kumm

CFO, Concordia University