Block 65 Central Library Study

City of Lincoln

Block 65 Central Library Study

The city of Lincoln hired Sinclair Hille Architects in partnership with a nationally known parking consultant to conduct a feasibility study for a new parking garage that could accommodate up to 800 vehicles and include street-level retail at the edges. The scope of this study included the evaluation of three separate sites in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska.

In the course of the parking and traffic evaluation, the design team was also asked to advise the city on what impact a large-scale public library partner may have on such a development.  In such a scenario, the library would serve as a public anchor for the project and be located where it could serve and inspire downtown residents and businesses.

The design team worked on several functional configurations that could fulfill the city's parking needs and the likely goals of a central library. The most innovative proposed solution called for a two-story library with over 90,000 square feet of space that would face the M street bike and commuter route and feature a full glass and a cantilevered roof-top café on the second floor. The library would have a massive public presence at the street level, while the parking needs of downtown businesses could be accommodated on five floors overhead.

Sinclair Hille is honored to have been selected for such a challenging study in an urban environment, and we remain optimistic about the city's growth and prosperity initiatives.


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I appreciate the ability of the Sinclair Hille Team to listen when designing a project for our campus. They have a great design process to engage faculty and staff to explore ideas, dream and then share their recommendations.

Dave Kumm

CFO, Concordia University