Norfolk Iron and Metal Headquarters

Norfolk Iron and Metal

Norfolk Iron and Metal Headquarters

Norfolk Iron and Metal (NIM) is a growing, national company with 18 locations. The overall project goal was to refresh the current building and create a large open collaborative area to host large-group meetings at their headquarters in Norfolk, Nebraska. The Norfolk Iron and Metal Headquarters will include a 16,000 SF addition and 30,000 SF renovation of offices, meeting spaces and break spaces. The client’s goal was to provide a location where they can meet and collaborate and a forward-thinking, professional, and flexible space that will inspire confidence in their community, clients and employees. 

Fun metal accents were incorporated through the building on the facade and interiors to highlight NIM's metal experience. The exterior of the addition will match the forms and massing of the existing 2004 portion which will also include a redo of the façade to unify the new with the existing. Scale, proportions, and metal column accents were used from the original structure but re-skinned to match the new facade which is a blend of insulated metal panels and flat lock metal panels with heavy steel accents. Since NIM is a metal company, highlighting their specialty was an important design element. NIM provided the steel for the structure or the building and several metal accents within. It was important to create a welcoming and easily identifiable entrance that would stand out from a distance as people approached Norfolk's main highway. 

Inside, natural light and views for employee areas were maximized with creation of a core of amenities and meeting spaces with open office areas surrounding. Smaller, more informal collaboration areas were also scattered throughout. NIM was focused on improving the employee experience and earning the commute, so we added fun features tailored to each department and amenities like Zoom and treadmill desk rooms. NIM's brand was reinforced through historic imagery, using giant wall graphics and a material palette of neutrals and blues picking up on the corporate colors and adding interest and identity to the spaces. 

Due to the existing building needing to be occupied during construction, the project was divided into two phases. There was also a limited buildable area due to the active warehouse next door and the traffic patterns of truck deliveries surrounding the building. 

Consultants: Morrissey (MEP, AV), R.O. Youker (Structural), McLaury Engineering (Civil)

Construction Manager: Beckenhauer Construction, Inc.

Expected completion is the summer of 2024.



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The design team from Sinclair Hille were sensitive to the unique needs of our business model and incorporated our requests within the overall design of our branch facility, a facility that was built not only for the needs of the bank branch today, but, also, with flexibility for what future demands might be.  We are extremely happy with the end product and appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail of the team from Sinclair Hille Architects.

Ryne Seaman

The Cattle National Bank & Trust Co.