Union Bank Office 27th & Pine Lake

Union Bank and Trust Company

Union Bank Office 27th & Pine Lake

Sinclair Hille Architects provided programming, design, and construction documentation for the Union Bank Office, located at 27th and Pine Lake Road. This three-story 28,000 s.f. freestanding bank facility provides banking services, loan processing offices, and a high-tech boardroom. The facility includes remote drive-through lanes with overhead canopy and parking provisions for both users and employees.

Elegance is conveyed throughout the facility from the exterior stone work to the walnut-trimmed interior finishes.

Landscaped areas located directly against the building serve both aesthetic and security purposes. On the south glass wall, a dense plant material discourages direct access to the façade, while plantings on the east and west facades can be viewed by patrons visiting the interior of the building as well as vehicles utilizing the drive-through lanes.


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I enjoyed working with SHA on the Canopy Street Project.  It was a very complex project which required both large scale design thought as well as a focus on small details. Their professionalism impressed me as well as all of the other clients in the project from restaurants, to hotel operations through condo buyers, SHA continued to move the project forward and solve problems with all in mind.  As a licensed architect myself I really appreciated their willingness to partner with me and listen to my design ideas while improving the direction time and time again. Quite simply, Canopy Street would not have been nearly as successful without SHA’s talented staff.

Brett West