Welcoming Averie Harley, the New Graphic Design & Marketing Intern at Sinclair Hille Architects

Welcoming Averie Harley, the New Graphic Design & Marketing Intern at Sinclair Hille Architects

January 22, 2024


Sinclair Hille Architects is thrilled to announce the addition of Averie Harley to its team as the new Graphic Design & Marketing Intern. Averie, a Lincoln native, brings a unique blend of skills and passion to the firm, making her a valuable asset as she embarks on this exciting journey with Sinclair Hille Architects.

Currently in her final semester at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Averie is pursuing a degree in Graphic Design, with a focus on Videography, and a Minor in Dance. Her diverse academic background reflects her commitment to creativity and innovation, showcasing a well-rounded skill set that aligns perfectly with the dynamic nature of graphic design and marketing.

Averie is not only a dedicated student but also actively contributes to the local dance community. She is involved in teaching dance at Intermix Dance Company, highlighting her commitment to both the arts and community engagement. This passion for dance adds an extra layer of creativity to her profile, which is sure to bring a fresh perspective to her role at Sinclair Hille Architects.

"I am thrilled to join the Sinclair Hille Architects team and am eager to expand my marketing skills while delving into the fascinating world of architecture. Being a Lincoln native, I have a deep appreciation for the local community, and I look forward to contributing to the great work of Sinclair Hille Architects," expressed Averie on her new role.

The UNL School of Art, Art History & Design has played a crucial role in shaping Averie's artistic journey. The knowledge and expertise gained from her academic pursuits will undoubtedly contribute to her success in the field of graphic design and marketing.

Sinclair Hille Architects is known for its innovative and client-focused approach to architecture, and Averie's addition to the team further enhances the firm's creative capabilities. The company is excited about the fresh perspectives and creative energy that Averie will bring to the table.

As Averie Harley steps into her role as the Graphic Design & Marketing Intern, Sinclair Hille Architects anticipates a period of collaboration, creativity, and growth. The firm looks forward to the positive impact Averie will undoubtedly make as she contributes to the continued success of Sinclair Hille Architects.