Stolle Appointed Associate Principal at Sinclair Hille Architects

Stolle Appointed Associate Principal at Sinclair Hille Architects

January 17, 2024

Exciting News! We're delighted to share the appointment of Mike Stolle as Associate Principal at Sinclair Hille Architects, marking a significant milestone in his distinguished career. With over two decades of experience, Mike brings a wealth of expertise as a licensed registered architect, LEED AP certified professional, and a proud member of AIA Nebraska.

Before joining Sinclair Hille Architects in 2020, Mike co-founded WERK, a Lincoln-based workplace furnishings manufacturer and architecture firm. His leadership at WERK was marked by efficient management of day-to-day operations, overseeing projects spanning the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Notable collaborations included projects with industry giants such as Hudl, Nelnet, Oracle, Accenture, and UNMC’s Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center in Omaha.

Throughout his career, Mike has successfully contributed to diverse project types, including high-end and multifamily housing, K-12 and Higher Ed. education facilities, religious and civic structures, as well as courthouse and detention projects. Currently, his portfolio with Sinclair Hille Architects includes a private residence on Woodscrest Avenue in Lincoln, Nebraska; the Norfolk Iron and Metal Headquarters in Norfolk, Nebraska; and various Dormie Network golf course projects nationwide.

In response to his appointment, Mike expressed his passion for problem-solving within the architectural profession. He values providing thoughtful and unique solutions, emphasizing his dedication to helping clients achieve their goals and excel in their work.

When asked about the rewarding aspects of his chosen profession, Mike highlighted the satisfaction of reaching the finish line, knowing that he and his team have successfully addressed a client's problem. He finds fulfillment in creating spaces that empower clients to do their best work.

Mike's love for architecture extends to the intricate details of construction, the puzzle of figuring out how things come together, and the joy of creating spaces and products that address real-world challenges. His innate tinkering spirit and passion for innovation make him a valuable addition to the Sinclair Hille Architects team.

Join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to Mike Stolle on this well-deserved achievement! His dedication to excellence and commitment to innovative solutions make him an invaluable asset to Sinclair Hille Architects as they continue to shape the future of architectural design.