Sinclair Hille Welcomes Craig Wohlgemuth

Sinclair Hille Welcomes Craig Wohlgemuth

May 20, 2021

Sinclair Hille Architects, celebrating 40 years of practice in architecture, is pleased to announce that Craig Wohlgemuth, A.I.A. has joined the firm as a Lead Project Architect. Craig is an established member of Nebraska’s architectural community with nearly 25 years of practice on projects throughout the state. Craig received his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and became a licensed Architect in 1999.

Craig has a diverse set of skills with specific expertise in the Design Development and Construction Document phases. His expertise has been a vital part of facilities constructed for K-12 Education, Religious, Recreational and Higher Education clients. While Craig is adept in a variety of project types, he admits to a special affinity for evolving learning environments in K-12 Education.

When asked about the most rewarding aspects of the architectural profession, Craig replied “Seeing a project or design go from a sketch to the actual physical building. The process that it takes for this to happen and the coordination of all interested parties in the project. I was lucky enough to be the coordinating Project Architect on the Lincoln Children’s Zoo Expansion Project which was a once in a lifetime project”.

Craig has quickly become a valuable team member and excels in working with clients to develop projects that reflect their vision and values. Sinclair Hille Architects is excited to welcome Craig to the firm.

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