John Kay Retires After 29 Years

John Kay Retires After 29 Years

April 10, 2024

After a 29-year journey with Sinclair Hille Architects, we send the best retirement wishes to Principal, John Kay, who joined our team in 1995.

Before his tenure at Sinclair Hille, John served as a historic preservation consultant for the Nebraska State Historic Preservation office, documenting historic places for the National Register of Historic Places. John explored every road in 63 of Nebraska's counties. When Sinclair Hille ventured into historic preservation and renovation work in 1995, John's extensive background and experience made him an invaluable asset to the team.

Over the years, John played a pivotal role in managing the Transportation Enhancement program, business development initiatives and project management for some of Sinclair Hille’s most notable projects. Recent projects bear testament to his expertise, including the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) Glenn Korff School of Music and the UNL Carolyn Pope Edwards College of Education and Human Sciences.

Reflecting on his tenure, John reminisces about his favorite moment at Sinclair Hille Architects: “My historic work coming full circle and being the project manager for the West Haymarket Amtrak Station and historic canopy renovation project. We took the 1927 canopy apart piece by piece, marked each piece and stored it while they put in Canopy Street, then put it back together to recreate the historic feeling of that area.”

As we celebrate John Kay's retirement, we salute him for 29 years of unwavering dedication, leadership, and commitment. We had a great time celebrating as a staff, and here's to a well-deserved retirement filled with fond memories and new adventures!