Chimney Rock Sculpture Project

Chimney Rock Sculpture Project

August 22, 2019

With the need for adequate accommodations to facilitate larger year-round tour groups and programs, Sinclair Hille was asked to provide conceptual plans, opinion of cost, and fundraising materials for the History Nebraska. The approximately 2,500 square feet addition will provide seating for groups of up to 100 visitors, offer additional storage, provide staff and visitors a much needed storm shelter, and increase the general functionality of the facility, thereby serving to increase usage on an annual basis.

The design of the addition built off of the existing facility’s concept of not competing visually with the landmark to the west and to maintain a minimal ecological impact to the area. Massing kept the addition low and to the south, and employed roof lines that were reminiscent of the sandstone base of the rock itself. A new entry “link” was incorporated to address concerns with security, queuing, and general traffic flow, as well as providing a feasible tie-in to the existing building from a constructability stand-point. The main entry walk was realigned to the new link, and allowed for additional parking closer to the building. Interior modifications to the gift shop, office space, and reception area were also included within the scope.

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