Celebrating 7 Years of Architectural Excellence: Kjersten Tucker's Journey at Sinclair Hille Architects

Celebrating 7 Years of Architectural Excellence: Kjersten Tucker's Journey at Sinclair Hille Architects

September 6, 2023

In an exciting milestone for Sinclair Hille Architects, Kjersten Tucker, the Lead Interior Architect and Senior Associate, is proudly celebrating her seventh anniversary with the renowned firm. A Seward, Nebraska native and a graduate of Concordia University, Kjersten's journey has been marked by passion, dedication, and a profound commitment to shaping extraordinary spaces.

Kjersten Tucker's association with Sinclair Hille Architects commenced in 2016, following a four-year stint in Atlanta. During her time in Atlanta, she earned her Master's degree from Georgia Tech and attained the esteemed title of Registered Architect. Her expertise encompasses a diverse range of projects, including office spaces, mixed-use developments, and higher education facilities.

One of Kjersten's notable strengths lies in her ability to leverage space, lighting, and materiality to craft environments that resonate with functionality and aesthetic appeal. Her enthusiasm for collaboration with clients to create fresh and inviting spaces reflects her deep commitment to supporting the well-being of individuals and fostering meaningful relationships.

Since joining Sinclair Hille Architects, Kjersten has been at the forefront of interior design and visualization, employing cutting-edge virtual reality technology to help clients experience and make informed decisions about their future spaces.

Currently, Kjersten is steering several high-profile projects, including the sanctuary addition at Faith Lutheran Church, Early Childhood Additions at four Lincoln Public Schools, and office buildouts for Olsson spanning across the country.

When asked about her most memorable moment at Sinclair Hille Architects, Kjersten shared a heartfelt experience tied to her alma mater, Concordia University. "It sounds cheesy, but I literally cried with joy when I heard we were going to work on the Concordia Music and Theatre project," she expressed. Her connection to Concordia runs deep, having sung in the A Capella choir and performed with the Improvables during her college years. Working on a performing arts building for her alma mater is a rare and fulfilling treat for any architect.

Reflecting on her career, Kjersten emphasized the dynamic nature of architecture, stating, "Architecture is the ultimate generalist career—you really have to stay on your toes and be good at so many things! Every day is something new, from collaborating with clients to designing beautiful and functional spaces, detailing, and even project management. It’s always a good day when I get to play with materials!"

As Kjersten continues to contribute her expertise and passion to Sinclair Hille Architects, her journey stands as a testament to the firm's commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of architecture.