Celebrating 28 Years of Dedication and Leadership: John Kay's Remarkable Journey at Sinclair Hille Architects

Celebrating 28 Years of Dedication and Leadership: John Kay's Remarkable Journey at Sinclair Hille Architects

November 8, 2023

In 1995, Sinclair Hille Architects welcomed a true visionary to their team, and today, we celebrate John Kay's remarkable 28th work anniversary with the firm. 

Before joining Sinclair Hille, John Kay was a force in the world of historic preservation. His journey included owning a consulting business and serving as a historic preservation consultant for the Nebraska State Historic Preservation office. His mission? To hunt for and document historic places for the National Register of Historic Places. John's commitment was unparalleled, as he traversed every road in 63 of Nebraska's 93 counties, leaving an indelible mark by recording the state's rich history.

In 1995, paths crossed, and the rest, as they say, is history. Sinclair Hille was venturing into historic preservation and renovation work, and John's background and experience made him a perfect fit for the team. His journey with Sinclair Hille began as a consultant, and the relationship flourished as he was invited to join Sinclair Hille on numerous historic projects.

John played a pivotal role in managing the Transportation Enhancement program for the Nebraska Department of Roads from 1995 to 2014. Over the years, his role evolved, adapting to the firm's ever-changing needs. From leading business development to project management, John's dedication and leadership were unwavering.

In 2005, John earned his well-deserved title as a Principal, solidifying his status as an essential part of the Sinclair Hille family. His contributions have been nothing short of extraordinary, with recent projects including the impressive University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) School of Music, Southeast Community College Construction Technologies Center, and UNL Carolyn Pope Edwards College of Education and Human Sciences.

Reflecting on his journey, John shared, "My historic work coming full circle and being the project manager for the West Haymarket Amtrak Station and historic canopy renovation project. We took the 1927 canopy apart piece by piece, marked each piece and stored it while they put in Canopy Street, then put it back together to recreate the historic feeling of that area."

When asked about what he likes most about his job, John emphasized, "The people. Working in a team environment with a shared goal and commitment."

Today, Sinclair Hille Architects salutes John Kay for 28 years of unwavering dedication, leadership, and a commitment to preserving Nebraska's rich history. Here's to many more years of success, growth, and innovation!